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Keep Improving, Commitment to Excellence
"Keep Improving, Commitment to Excellence" is the competitive advantage of Dongcheng's development, the spiritual source to the world, the service spirit of customers first, and the continuous guidance of employee career development.


Seeking Truth and Being Trustworthy
"Seeking Truth and Being Trustworthy" is the cardinal rule for everyone in Dongcheng and a basic business principle of the Company. When facing customers, employees and business partners, we will abide by integrity and honesty, emphasize the courage to take responsibility, ensure consistency between words and deeds, and keep our promises.


Keep Innovation, Continually Breakthrough
"Keep Innovation, Continually Breakthrough" is the source of Dongcheng's core competitiveness and the inexhaustible power for continuous improvement. The company is committed to seeking business opportunities in the changes of market, science, and society, leading the advancement of R&D technology with its industry-leading position, and creating new value for customers through optimizing products and services with customers.


Keep Succeeding, Keep Learning
"Keep Succeeding, Keep Learning" is the essential basis for developing the company and talent. It is fundamental for Dongcheng to create a cultural atmosphere with opening, communication and interaction, and to build a learning organization by advocating active learning, learning from practice and outstanding persons, and encouraging employees to make learning a lifelong pleasure and achievement.