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"New" Brand, "New" Product, "New" Journey! DongCheng Makes a Wonderful Appearance in China International Hardware Fair

Issuing Time: 2024-04-08 16:05:23

The 37th China International Hardware Fair ("Hardware Fair") opening on March 22,2024 was successfully completed in Shanghai, China. As an expert and leader in power tool industry, DongCheng held the brand renewal conference for the first time, exhibited its whole new brand image and displayed tools more than 300 models and nearly 100 models of new products, which fully demonstrates our comprehensive strength and innovation ability and attracts lots of attentions. 

New Brand Image Acquires Authoritative Certification in Market

At brand renewal conference, some new brand assets: our first brand IP image—power tool specialist "Dongdong", new brand slogan "Chinese craftsmen use DongCheng, DongCheng No.1 best seller", "Powerful DongCheng, Lazy Person" and refreshing brand color "yellow and blue" made their debuts and gained an enthusiastic response.  


The holding of the conference also means that DongCheng formally starts the brand upgrading strategy and will continue to be committed to making powerful, durable and suitable power tools for Chinese craftsmen.


Considering the new brand strategy and actual business development, DongCheng will launch a series of brand renewal measures in 2024 including promotion of terminal store image with the purpose of providing consumers with better consumption and service experience. At the same time, DongCheng will also continue to energize dealers and help terminal stores to improve sales performance with complete support. These measures have been unanimously praised by terminal sales partners during DongCheng brand strategy conference with the theme of "Pursue innovation, Achieve Progress" on March 18 this year.

In 2023, Dongcheng Company achieved remarkable results. Our sales attained 6.188 billion yuan, an increase of 15.9% from a year earlier. The domestic sales reached 5.226 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%(sales of cordless tools achieved 2.086 billion yuan, an increase of 25.29%); The overseas sales reached 962 million yuan, an increase of 45.3%; The tools sales reached 27.1 million units.

DongCheng has worked on the power tool industry for many years and therefore acquires many authoritative "first" certification issued by iiMedia Research including "The First Sales Volume in Power Tool Industry for 11 Consecutive Years in China", "The First Sales Volume of Cordless Tools from 2021-2023 in China", "The Largest Amount of Stores in Power Tool Industry", "The Most Sorts of Power Tools in China" and so on. All these are based on strong brand strength, excellent products and innovative force.

As iiMedia Research points out in White Paper on the Development of China's Power Tool Industry in 2023 released in January, as an excellent representative of homemade power tool industry, DongCheng has continuously introduced competitive new products to meet the diversified needs of consumers through independent research and development and technology accumulation. Through online and offline channels, DongCheng expands brand influence and increases market share successfully. At present our products have special dealers in many large and medium-sized cities in China, and they are exported to more than 60 countries in Southeast Asia and Middle East. In Chinese market, DongCheng has won trust and support of many consumers, and it is worthy of the expert and leader in this industry. 

Brand New Products Coming, Leading a New Development Trend


In the Hardware Fair, DongCheng's T2-251 stand in 2.2 venue adopts iconic yellow and blue as primary design, which brings audiences a brand new visual experience; Our lovely and stable power tool expert "Dongdong" stands in the center of the exhibition stand to welcome every visitor; The full range of products is neatly displayed with accessible descriptions……Refreshing venue exhibition design concretely shows the upgraded brand image of DongCheng to visitors.

In terms of products, DongCheng also demonstrates its absolute strength in AC power tools and DC power tools industry. The exhibition of Z1C-FF06-28 Hammer Drill, DCPL208 Cordless Brushless Impact Driver, KRH20V-26 Cordless Brushless Rotary Hammer, DCPB1718 Cordless Brushless Impact Wrench, DongCheng 20V+20V garden tools and intelligent lawn mowing robot Terraina attract many participants to consult and have a try.  

Undoubtedly the new robot TERRAINA launched by DCK and other representative tools of industry development trend are the highlights and star products in the conference. This product is a revolutionary outdoor maintenance equipment concentrating many kinds of technologies. It can plan the cutting route accurately, identify the optimal route in working area intelligently and return to the charging station automatically, which completely frees users. They can also check the working status and manage multiple working areas easily through a special APP and adjust the cutting height through the remote control function of APP for easier and more efficient use.   

During the conference, we also carried out wonderful interactive activities such as "IP Group Photo", "Tool Master Challenge" and " Prize Wheel", which attracted many visitors to visit and take pictures. Many participants tried to experience the new products, and many lucky viewers also won our surprising gifts.

China is a manufacturing giant with a solid manufacturing foundation and complete industrial chain, and therefore these provide favorable conditions for the production of power tools. Looking to the future, opportunity and challenge coexist for power tool industry. As the industry leader, the exhibition of new brand image reveals an important strategy upgradation for adapting to market changes, enhancing brand image and competitiveness. In the future, DongCheng will continue to consolidate brand strength, excellent products, channel power and innovative force from the actual needs of users. In addition, we will try to set a new benchmark and make a transformation to high-end model for the high-quality and orderly development of power tool industry.